Ready... Set... Go!

So today is the day we begin the Self-Care Challenge – welcome!


If this is the first time you have popped into my blog, the past few weeks have been spent exploring self-care and why I am undertaking a self-care challenge and inviting you to join me too.


You can start the journey with me at “Pushing the Limits of Self-Care” and find out more in “What is Self-Care?


This week is getting into the Self-Care Challenge and creating a self-care strategy that fits with your needs. Sounds great, doesn’t it?!


If you are interested in joining me, I have created a mini-workbook to help get you started, just click the link below and have the Self-Care Strategy Mini-Workbook sent to your inbox.


Please email me my workbook!


Alternatively, join me in the Mind the Motherload Facebook Group where you can download the Self-Care Strategy Mini-Workbook, join in the challenge, share your discoveries and gain insights, ideas and support from other like-minded women.


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For those of you on Instagram, I will be capturing my self-care challenge in action – which let’s be honest, could at times be interesting – as I am going to push myself outside my comfort zone more than a little at times! If you would like to follow along, or even share your own self-care challenge, I would love to see you in action! You can find me @Speed_of_Life_Coach and don’t forget to #selfcarechallenge.


So where to from here?


Well, the best place to start is to plan my self-care strategy for the week.  I’ve done this using my self-care mini workbook, and you can see my plan below. 


Self care for me this week is going to be a challenge.  I just had surgery on my wrist and I’m still very restricted in what I can do.  The flip side is that it is forcing me to slow down and listen to my body.  If I don’t respond to its demands, I certainly know about it! 


My self care strategy this week balances my need to keep moving forward with my work, but also honour the recovery process in my own body.

Now having prepared my strategy, the next thing I have to do is actually do it!  Find out how well I keep to my strategy by following me on Facebook, Instagram and via my Blog.

Good luck with your plans and following through on them too!