Moments and Milestones


My youngest boy has just turned one!


It is such a momentous milestone in anyone’s language and as we prepare to celebrate his birthday with family and friends, it has also taken me to a place of reflection of the journey that has been his – and mine – so far!


I had never intended to start a business and raise a baby at the same time – that’s just crazy. Right?! But somehow, being who I am, that is just what I have ended up doing.


It has been challenging, demanding and at times I have felt like I AM a little crazy. It has felt like I have raising two babies at once, with completely out-of-sync demands. Along the way there have been many lessons of surrender, letting go and accepting my limits (even if I did have to try and push them at least a little at times – again, that is just who I am).


Life is not static, it continues to ebb and flow  – whether we are ready for it, or not! It is up to us whether we choose to fight it or move with it as we adapt and continue to carve our own path. I have learned that it is up to us to define our lives and ourselves – whether we adapt and grow, or remain passive and have lives defined for us by our circumstances.


I have whole-heartedly chosen to adapt and grow – to embrace the challenges in my life, to celebrate my successes and learn from my ‘failures’. It can feel like a crazy, white-knuckled ride at times, but when I pop out the other side I always try to take time out to slow down, reflect and enjoy the view.


Like my now-toddler, who continues to grow and develop in leaps and bounds, I know I will continue to do the same – both as a coach and as an individual. There will continue to be challenges, and no doubt the odd tantrum, but they are there to continue to grow me into the best version of myself.


So here’s to the moments, the milestones and to life – may it be challenging, rewarding, fulfilling, and sometimes just a little crazy - because we all need a little crazy from time to time! x


Image Credit: Fotolia | dubova