Seven Lessons about Change, Growth and Transition


My youngest boy, Harrison, has just started to walk – and he is tackling it like a pro.  He is a completely different baby to his two older brothers, but I am not surprised in the slightest.  In the words of many who have met him– he is a little go-getter and is willing, even if not yet able, to take on the world.  At ten months old he has just taken his first steps, and is well on the way to mastering walking – my world has changed forever!

As I was watching him get the hang of walking today, I realized some important parallels between learning to walk and facing the challenges of growth, change and transition.  

1.    It’s a process

Change, growth and transition is a process – it can be self-initiated or initiated by circumstances well outside your control.  Regardless of how it starts, it is a process of embrace – accept – embody. (Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will discuss this in more detail)

2.    Lean on whatever support you need

As adults we are often reluctant to either call on or accept the support from others in our journey – we have to ‘go it alone’ to ‘prove’ ourselves to others. Well, I’m calling bullshit on our egos for that one! Support, whether we are giving or receiving it, means we are human, relatable and empathic – we are stronger for calling on support as we build not only ourselves up, but also open our selves to do the same for others.

3.    Balance is crucial

Change, growth and transition are wobbly at the beginning – it is important to take time to take stock of your situation and get yourself ready to move forward, even if it is just to take a moment to centre yourself with a deep breath or two.

4.    Being out of balance is too

I know, I can hear your question already – didn’t you just say that balance is crucial.  You are right, it is – but being slightly out of balance is too – that is where we get our momentum to take that first step forward into the unknown.

5.    You will fall over

No matter how hard we try, we aren’t perfect.  There will be things that trip us up on our transition journey.  Falling over is the hidden gold; it is in this process that we gain further insight and clarity in what will work for us - by learning what doesn’t.

6.    Falling isn’t failure

As the Japanese Proverb goes, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight” – falling down does not make you a failure; it is choosing to remain on the ground that closes our minds to the possibilities of success.

7.    Celebrate your successes – no matter how small

Don’t brush aside the small successes – these all contribute to your greater success. Celebrating success is something I believe most of us need to do more as it gives us encouragement and keeps us motivated as we grow and change.

Growth, change and transition can be a real challenge, but accepting the challenge can lead to amazing results.  Sometimes, it is just inspiration that we need to look at things a bit differently to succeed.

As a final note, I realise that I use my boys as a reference point in my blog posts, however I find that children can be the greatest source of insight as they rarely over-complicate things.  Also, sorry about the swear word Mum!

Image Credit: Fotolia | famveldman