What's in a Name?


I often get asked what I do in my coaching business and more frequently: “Speed of Life Coaching is a really interesting name, how did it come about?”


This seems like the perfect place to start Speed of Life Coaching’s blog - please join me as the journey begins…


The name Speed of Life Coaching came to me during an early morning run last year.  Running is my "me time" and I spend it either tuning out with music, as thinking time or a full out training session - depending on what I need most that run.


This particular session was a speed session; running over a shorter distance at a much faster pace than I would normally.  I am not a fast runner, so I find the speed session really challenging.  It was particularly for me because I found myself with a group of very fast runners I was with in the training session each week.  Typically I was one of the slower - or even the slowest - runner in every session.


That morning I tried running with one of the other slower runners for company, but I found that I wasn't getting what I wanted out of the training session - I wasn't pushing outside my comfort zone enough to gain a benefit from the training.  Likewise I knew that if I ran with some of the faster runners, I would fatigue too quickly and wouldn’t keep up. Running with either group would not allow me to gain the full benefits of the training.


So I was met with a dilemma, do I leave my running companion behind or stick out the session with them.   Joining a faster group was also an option, but I would need to catch up as they were already so far ahead of me.  I felt a sense of guilt in abandoning my companion, but I was getting frustrated with our session.  Something had to change - but what do I do?


I ran the session by myself; at the speed that was right for me so that I could gain the outcomes I needed and wanted from the session.  


As I was reflected on this during the remainder of my run, I realised that life is the same. If we run our race of life at someone else's pace – either too fast or too slow - not only will miss out on meeting our own life goals, but we will also miss living our life the way we want to and journeying our own path.

I also learned that sometimes we have to run alone to achieve our dreams.  This does not mean being lonely as we journey, but more that we don’t allow the energy-drainers and nay-sayers squash our hopes, dreams and ultimately our future.


As I began to travel my journey in this way, I began attracting like-minded people to my life – some became my running cheer squad, who supported me as I ran up the tough hills of life. They kept me motivated, on track and help me celebrate at the finish line.


This is living at the speed of life.


This underpins the Speed of Life Coaching philosophy to support our clients in achieving their best.