Welcome to Speed of Life Coaching, the space where I share nuggets of wisdom about balancing life, career and purpose - the source of the spark that drives us in the pursuit of joy and fulfilment.

As the popular saying affirms “change is the essence of life” and I believe that embracing change while honouring your authentic self can be the secret to achieving equilibrium and personal growth.

I started Speed of Life Coaching motivated by a combination of my desire, and passion, to challenge the status quo and change my work environment.  After 15 years in an industry that is typically male oriented, I learned that regardless of gender, cultural background or level of qualification, every individual has the ability to bring a new perspective to any situation. 

Looking outside the box for solutions that would normally fit neatly in the box and taking a new perspective or approach can be a game changer.  I carry this belief in both my professional and personal environments and actively challenge others to do the same.

Motherhood has made my beliefs grow stronger. I saw myself immersed in an “organisational culture” that was not compatible with the way I wanted to raise my boys and structure my family’s needs and priorities. Although passionate about my career and confident about my capabilities and talents, I felt that being a working mum in the corporate arena was, still at this day and age, something seen as unusual or even frowned upon. I knew that if I wanted to “climb the ladder” I would have to give up on some of my most precious assets: time with my family.

The frustrating sensation that I was being pulled and stretched in all directions brought me anxiety and a real sense of disconnection. I sensed the urge to ask myself the tough questions and in order to find the answers I knew I had to dive deep. 

My journey of personal growth has been triggered by a number of events, which at my lowest point saw me hospitalised. Thankfully, I am not one to lie down and accept the inevitable and this drive saw me push past where I was and to take the first step into the unknown. After several months doing some revealing self-development work, I found my true purpose, which led me to undertake a life coach course. This course ignited a full vision of my dream and the pursuit of my passion hit full power.

My passion is change, thinking outside the box to incite personal growth and support others in pursuit of their own passion. This passion became my mission, which was bigger than my regular job so I resigned and took the first step to make my dreams a reality. And so Speed of Life Coaching was born.

Today I work with women, families and business leaders who need support to unravel & implement meaningful actions that connect them to their purpose, while empowering to effect change.